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Pest Control

As Utah locals, we understand the specific issues homeowners like you face with pests. We take a tailored approach to every household to make sure we cater to your specific needs. 

Rather than only treating the base and inside of your home we also have specific treatments to target pests such as spiders and wasps throughout the eaves and roofline. We tidy up the roofline by sweeping down the cobwebs and the wasps nest that accumulate over time and follow it with with a specialized dust that gives you added protection from any spiders dropping down into the home.

Because we are a lawn care company as well, all of our pest professionals specialize in treating the yard for insects in addition to the structure. Our service professionals start with a thorough inspection and spot treatment for the plant beds and gardens. They will then spread a granule to target pests who nest in the soil of the grass. Using these methods creates a much more permanent solution by targeting breeding areas and breaking hatching cycles.

Image by Stephen Leonardi


Bluegrass is dedicated to providing fertilization and weedcontrol services to build and maintain the best turf for your property.



For commercial properties, property managers, landscapers please contact us for customized price and consultation. We know the challenges you face to maintain your properties and communities. Let us show you what we can do to help.

Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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